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Courier, wards, new landscape and commentator Dark Willow

The standard set, which has already become a classic. Every year a new set of commentator appears in the game. This time the creators of Dota 2 added Dark Willow. Or, as she was nicknamed in Russian — Mireska Vetrenaya.

The main theme of The International 9 — the ruins of a lost jungle civilization. On the map of the «Dark Hollow» tropical rains turn the roads into damp trails. In the same style and decorated new wards — Sentinels of Ruin.


Beetlebark and Plod will be the perfect complement to your courier collection. Stump on a horned beetle — you will not see any more nicely today.


Special creeps and live towers

Special attention should be paid to new cosmetic improvements to towers and creeps. Especially for the new landscape «Dark Hollow» Valve has created new scaly creeps. Monsters melee company performed in the form of chameleons, and ranged — in the form of crocodiles. They are available at Battle Pass level 182.

Another unique detail was the appearance of living towers. Previously, the company only changed the appearance of the towers in Dota 2, but now they have an animation. On the mechanics of the movements, they resemble the guard tree of Warcraft 3. To get the reward, you need to upgrade to level 335

Both improvements can be obtained only as part of The International 2019 combat pass.

What does a player get with the basic version (645 rubles):

one treasure Immortal I / II / III;

access to the Mo’Rocai event;

coach trials;

role search;

The International 2019 music set;

a set of cursors;

courier Beetlebark and Plod;

skin on wards Sentinels of Ruin;

fantasy league player card sets (5 pieces);

Smiley for Steam: Aegis 2019;

access to vote for Arcana;

double rate token;

give level five effect;

on 25 charges of a heavenly serpent, drums of war, a faithful shovel and a monkey.

For50 levels (1890 rubles):

the mockery of Slardar;

mockery for Ancient Apparition;

various effects of animations for objects;

a set of cards of players (5 pieces);

Immortal-treasury I level (4 pieces);

combat wheel Rylai (2 pieces);

set of sprays and phrases for the chat wheel.

For 100 levels (2900 rubles):

Immortal treasure trove of I level (1 pc);

Immortal-treasury level II (4 pieces);

commentator Dark Willow;

Beastmaster mock;

mock earth spirit;

combat wheel Rylai (2 pieces);

a set of sprays and phrases for the chat wheel;

improved phrase for the chat wheel «Ceeeeb.»

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    Mark says:
    Fighting games are too much for me. I've never been very good with them....
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    Gilbert says:
    I like playing games, but Dota it is the best game I have ever played....
  • author image
    Robert says:
    So much to learn in it, and each victory feels important. Love this game!!...
  • author image
    William says:
    For the last 3 weeks, this has been my favourite game of ever....
  • author image
    Matthew says:
    Taking this out on Dota 2 is irrational and completely unfair to the game....

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