Choosing the best player and rivals screen

Another interesting feature of the Battle Pass was the selection of the best player in the match. After the end of the game, all users will be able to evaluate the skills of their rivals and choose the strongest of them. The most productive player, according to participants, will be marked in the next game and its news feed.

Also, the developers have prepared awards for the most successful. For three MVP titles, players will receive 500 combat points, for 10 titles — 1000 points, and for 25 awards — 2500 points.

Look at my banner, and then give me five.


If you want to show who is the most important and cool on the battlefield, put a banner with the image of your hero (opens at the 90th level). As soon as you reach level 502, you’ll demonstrate wallet size, extra style, and avatar from Steam.

However, this is not the only way to show off or interact with the players. You can beat the fifth day both allies and rivals. You only need to raise your hand … And God forbid you do not reciprocate. Somewhere in the world one Todd will be upset (the olds who watched the Clinic will understand).

4. Treasuries and other cool clothes


Traditionally, it was not without the new treasures of Immortal Treasure. The first chest contains items for Lifestealer, Death Prophet, Nyx Assassin, Skywrath Mage, Centaur Warrunner, Leshrac. You can also get a rare award for Earthshaker, very rare claws for Lifestealer and wings for Skywrath Mage, an incredibly rare bow for Drow Ranger and an extremely rare emblem in the form of Aegis.

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Arcana on Earthshaker, Gloomy Tiny, Young Invoker and Axe Boxer

Valve continues to take quantity. At level 255, you will discover a prestigious, non-selling item for Tiny — Majesty of Colossus. He not only completely changes the model of the hero, but also the animation abilities of Avalanche and Tree Grab.

At level 305 you will receive a young Invoker — an alternative character. The developers have completely updated its appearance, animation and voice acting. Excellent reference to the winner of the short films competition in 2017.


At level 365, you can pick up an Arcane item for Earthshaker. The authors promise: “Shaker” will look divine, its abilities will receive special animations and effects (we are waiting for a new epic Echo Slam for $ 6 million), hundreds of replicas and much more.

Speaking of Axe. Immortal rarity is already available in the game (the only one at the start). The hero took the ax. Now he swings his fists right and left like a boxer.

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    Taking this out on Dota 2 is irrational and completely unfair to the game....

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