Valve has added a TI9 Combat Pass to Dota 2


Trials «Trekking in the jungle»


As in the past year, the developers have added a whole grid of trials. This time it will be released under the name «Trekking in the jungle.» In it, players have to go Challenge for different heroes and receive awards. At the end of each of the three branches of users waiting for a gift in the form of a special cosmetic set for Sven, Dazzle or Ursa.

300 combat points and 150 shards of Dota Plus are scattered throughout the map (50 awards of this type in total). There you can also find special rare rewards — 2000 combat points and 1000 fragments of Dota Plus (there are only 9 of them). In this case, the map itself has become much more understandable with the system of notation. Do not get confused.

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Trials coach

If you want to feel like a real coach, like Arseny ArsZeeqq Mustache, it is time to show yourself in business. For this, Valve has added a new feature. In the team search menu, select the item «Trial coach.» After the game, wards who are much lower than you are rated will appreciate your skills as a leader. As the level increases, users will receive rewards in the form of achievements and bonus points for the Battle Pass. Players will be able to earn up to 15 thousand combat points.

True, the first experiments are not so successful. One of the players from the Reddit forum stood in line for an hour and found no one.


New friend of support

The developers have updated the functionality of the game assistant, available for Dota Plus subscription. The company has expanded its statistical capabilities: now, at the character selection stage, he will offer your team the most balanced and successful composition of heroes in the current match.

For inexperienced users playing support, Valve has prepared something interesting. The assistant will tell you the time of withdrawal of creeps for stacks and mark the most favorable places for installing wards.


In addition, the developers made it possible to add emoticons to the chat wheel and reworked the summary of the damage received. The latter is located in the upper left corner, under the statistics of finished creeps and gold index.


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    Mark says:
    Fighting games are too much for me. I've never been very good with them....
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    Gilbert says:
    I like playing games, but Dota it is the best game I have ever played....
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    Robert says:
    So much to learn in it, and each victory feels important. Love this game!!...
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    William says:
    For the last 3 weeks, this has been my favourite game of ever....
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    Matthew says:
    Taking this out on Dota 2 is irrational and completely unfair to the game....

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