What else will Valve release to TI? Part 2


Trove Carafe


When: 19 August.

Release date last year: 19 August.

Why: standard annual treasure trove with Immortal and autographs by commentators, analysts and presenters. Last year it was added the day after the end of the group stage, and Valve is unlikely to change this timing.

Collector’s Cache II

When: 15 to 25 July.

Release date last year: 21 July.

Why: an additional influx of money between the release of Immortal chests 2 and 3. Last year, Valve released an additional treasure trove due to user dissatisfaction, which they did not see in the first favorite sets and offered to pay for the new set themselves. This year, the developers solved the problem by voting, but said that the second set on Tidehunter was not included in the final sample and will be added later. When, if not from the second Collector’s Cache?

Mo’rokay Fury


When: from 30 June to 10 July.

Release date last year: 15 june.

Why: let’s say right away, there is a chance that the event will come out after the minor. We put on these dates only because the developers have simpler content for the release, and it may take time to polish the event. Valve is definitely worth bringing it to mind: last year’s «Caves of Wasteland» hung up and loaded on old computers for a long time. In addition, the output of the event after the last major will attract many times more attention.

It may appear, but the probability is too small

The second chapter of the Fury Mo`rokay

When: unknown.

Why: Valve has already released events in parts: Dashing Reservoir from the Battle Pass TI7 had two chapters (the first one came out on June 8 and the second after the final TI7, on August 18). There was another example of an event in several stages: in 2014, the Terrorblade was added to the game on the second day of Bloom Festival, and the Phoenix on the third day.

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    Taking this out on Dota 2 is irrational and completely unfair to the game....

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