What else will Valve release to TI?


Today, the owners of Battle Pass had the opportunity to buy Collector’s Cache — a chest, which included the best sets for heroes from the workshop. But this is not the last update before The International 2019. For those who bought the Battle Pass for the first time or just want to refresh their memory, we’ll tell you what else will appear in Dota before the beginning of The International.

Will go out exactly

New person for Invoker


When: from 16 to 20 June.

Why: already appeared a special slot in the inventory called «Persona». Most likely, the subject is already close to completion and will be released after Starladder, but before the second immortal-treasury: the fact is that we can predict its output from last year.

Immortal Treasure II 


When: from 20 to 25 June.

Release date last year: 23 June.

Why: usually from the release of Collector’s Cache to the release of the second treasury Valve waits two weeks. 

But this time, however, more time may pass. First, the fees are going well, and there is no point for developers to speed them up with new content. Secondly, today’s chest came out a week later than similar for TI7 and TI8. Thirdly, the release date of the second treasury is indirectly tied to the date of the summer sale — usually on it Valve releases a set of levels and treasuries at a discount, and Immortal Treasure II is always available at this point. (However, this year Valve may refuse to sell the bundle at all — more on that later).

Immortal Treasure III


When: from 27 July to 5 August.

Release date last year: 1 August.

Why: on average, between the release of the second and third compilations with Immortal takes 40-45 days, but if we apply such calculations for this year, we will not see the chest until August 8. Valve is unlikely to delay its release for such a period.

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    I like playing games, but Dota it is the best game I have ever played....
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    So much to learn in it, and each victory feels important. Love this game!!...
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    For the last 3 weeks, this has been my favourite game of ever....
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    Taking this out on Dota 2 is irrational and completely unfair to the game....

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