Players from the Netherlands now know in advance that they will fall out of the chest


Recently, Valve has made some adjustments to the system for opening chests for users from the Netherlands. The local government equated the chests of banned gambling in the country, as a result of which companies are forced to either close the Dutch access to the chests, or bypass this prohibition in any way.

An elegant solution to this problem was found by Gabe Newell Corporation: now all doters from the Netherlands can know in advance (before they buy) what they will drop out of the chest (including rare items). To prevent abuse of the new system, Valve limited the number of chests that can be purchased at a time, to one. Here is how it looks in the game:


Information about which item falls out of the next treasury is tied to your account and is not updated after you quit the game or over time. Consequently, if the system predetermined that in the next chest the set will fall out on the Batrider and QoP(as in the screenshot above), then any other item can only be obtained by purchasing another chest. In this case, the developers, as unnecessary, turned off the animation of the discovery of the treasury: a predetermined object is issued instantly.

For all that, players from the Netherlands cannot use the Steam marketplace due to the same restrictions of local law.

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    Mark says:
    Fighting games are too much for me. I've never been very good with them....
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    Gilbert says:
    I like playing games, but Dota it is the best game I have ever played....
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    Robert says:
    So much to learn in it, and each victory feels important. Love this game!!...
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    William says:
    For the last 3 weeks, this has been my favourite game of ever....
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    Matthew says:
    Taking this out on Dota 2 is irrational and completely unfair to the game....

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